Genetic Insight. Smarter Medication Choices.

Gain a better understanding of how medications can affect you on a genetic level with MediMap® Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Testing.

Until recently, most medicines have been developed and prescribed to patients in a “one size fits all” approach.

However, each patient may respond differently to certain prescription medications based on their genetic make-up. At Inova, we’re exploring the science of pharmacogenomic (also called PGx) testing to better understand that connection, and help you and your physician make smarter choices about your health care.

Pharmacogenomics combines the science of how medications work (pharmacology) with the science of how genetic differences can influence health (genomics).

We offer our own PGx test, called MediMap® Plus. An available option with both our concierge medicine membership and our executive health screening, it analyzes 25 genes that influence response to 145 medications. Besides helping your physician determine which medications to use or the amount prescribed, your one-time, painless MediMap® test may also help reduce your side-effects. With a simple cheek swab, your MediMap® test provides your physician the data to prescribe effective medicines at safe doses.

Covered Genes and Drugs
Download a printable PDF including list of genes and drugs covered by MediMap® PDF

Our goal is to ensure that we always prescribe the right medicine, at the right time and the right dose . . . for the right person.

As exciting as PGx is, we know you’ll have questions.

Here are some of the most common, along with answers.

Get access to MediMap® PGx testing.

We’re proud to provide access to this next-generation medical testing. MediMap® PGx testing can be added as part of an Inova VIP 360º Concierge Medicine membership, or the Inova VIP 360º Executive Exam.