Patient Testimonials

See what our clients have to say in their own words.

"I have had my share of doctor and hospital experiences over the years and none have been more positive and enjoyable than the morning I spent with Jennifer and Dr. Pace. I hope to see both next year."

— Robert M. Dilling, Partner, Reed Smith

"I would imagine that most people would say they do not look forward to a physical, but the services provided by your group are outstanding."

— Andy Navarrete, Capital One

"The quality of care and service was second to none. From first contact to a recent consultation, and every step in between, the Inova team has been an advocate for my health. This is a benefit that should be strongly considered."

— Paul Liberty, local business executive

"The entire course of events exceeded my expectations and was without a doubt the best medical experience."

— Todd Thibodeaux, Consumer Electronics Association

"I began offering the Inova Corporate 360° to our leadership team last year. The response from our executives has been 100 percent positive. We feel this program is an important investment in their health welfare. Additionally, this contributes to us offering a comprehensive approach to taking care of our team."

— Bridget Atkinson, Vice President of Human Resources, GTSI

"I will tell you that I have been thrilled with the quality of the service and the comfortable environment you work to provide. What a great experience."

— Dave Hutchinson, Capital One

"Thank you so much to Inova Corporate 360 for all your superb care and attention year after year. You really help motivate me to improve my health and fitness! On October 31, 2010, I was able to complete the Marine Corps Marathon – running all the way! Looking forward to improving my stats at my next physical."

— Gary Thompson, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

"This was the best executive physical that I have had, and one of the things that made it so great was the personnel at Inova managing the program. The nurse and physician did a superb job explaining everything that was being done and why it was being done. They were very thorough and made sure that my questions were answered and the results of all the tests were explained in language that was understandable to the layperson. Also, the cardiologist did a stellar job explaining everything relative to the treadmill test before, during and after the test. Another very positive experience was that they were able to review with me the results of the lab tests before I left the facility, with the promise of providing all the results in writing in my follow-up visit, and they delivered on that promise...The bottom line is that I would recommend the executive physical program at Inova without reservation."

— Bob Stewart, General Dynamics

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