A Full Exam That Fits Your Full Schedule.

Get convenient, on-demand health exams that accommodate your executives’ busy schedules with an executive physical from Inova.

Introducing the Inova Executive Exam.

Making time for regular checkups can be a challenge for busy Washington, DC area professionals. From making the appointment to sitting in a waiting room to see a physician, the whole process takes up valuable time, which can ultimately impact productivity. However, ignoring your health or skipping appointments aren’t viable options. That’s where the Inova VIP 360° Executive Exam works for you.

This innovative, exclusive executive physical puts you in control or your health and your time by providing a streamlined examination and assessment in a half-day experience.

Whether you work in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, this advanced executive examination program provides convenient access to the best private physicians and personal health care, delivered on your schedule. The executive examination includes a premier, personalized health screening and assessment that addresses your specific health needs, educates you on next steps, and meets the demands of your busy schedule, all so you can protect your primary asset — your health.

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With the Inova VIP 360° Executive Exam, you get:

Complete Care

In a streamlined half-day experience, each executive receives a comprehensive physical exam and assessment, including appropriate medical tests, screenings and health and fitness education, all individually tailored.


Your physician will discuss ways to maintain and improve your health based on your medical history, lifestyle, and results of testing


Simple scheduling that fits into your workday, at four easy-to-reach Northern Virginia locations.


You’ll receive dedicated, high-quality care from the best physicians in the DC area. In addition to this comprehensive health exam, you’ll get an hour-long session with a professional fitness trainer for education on how to reach your personal fitness goals.

Fast Follow-Up

Most of your medical test results will be available the same day and reviewed in detail with you.

Inova VIP 360° is judicious about the services we offer in the executive health exam, and we use the best medical and scientific evidence in making decisions about your healthcare.

By following this evidence-based model, we help patients avoid unnecessary panic, costly tests and surgeries based on incidental findings.

Make your next executive physical both comprehensive and convenient with the Inova VIP 360° Executive Exam.

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