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Inova VIP 360 concierge medicine patient stories

"I have been meaning to let you know how much I like John McConnell. He is terrific and I could not be more pleased. He called me to discuss my test results and answered every question I had. At my appointment last week he also addressed some concerns I had about a medication. Great bedside manner and very smart. You've got a real winner. I am delighted to know I have a great doctor there who I am going to trust."

- Chris G.

"I am emailing you to highlight the recent service Dr. McConnell provided. Any hesitation I had about changing my physician has been completely resolved thanks to Dr. McConnell's exceptional response to my minor medical issue. Dr. McConnell not only took my concerns about side effects of a suggested medication seriously, but followed up a day later with lab results that supported changing to a medication with fewer negative side effects.

Dr. McConnell's attention to my personal concerns, calling to check on my progress, and his willingness to consider alternatives and take action to substitute medication I had reservations about are exactly why I come to Inova360. Personalized service like this, combined with the Nursing staff at Inova360 who never fail to be welcoming, prompt and highly competent, support my decision to remain with Inova360 and to recommend your program to others."

- Mark W.

"After returning to the States from a recent trip to Cuba, I called to report some joint pain and a fever that I was having, and I scheduled a visit with my VIP 360 physician that same day. The staff notified my doctor of my complaints and, in light of the recent travel he recommended an appointment with an infectious disease (ID) physician.  I was able to see this specialist immediately after our office visit that afternoon after I received a complete health assessment and lab work. Less than 48 hours later, lab results revealed the cause of my symptoms: Dengue fever. During the next week, my VIP 360 physician remained in daily contact to monitor my body temperature and pain levels, hoping things would improve with prescribed treatment.

However, the fevers and joint pain persisted and an appointment with a hematologist was requested. The hematologist quickly moved to perform a bone marrow biopsy and discovered that I had acute myelogenous leukemia. After collaboration with my VIP 360 physician, it was decided that I should be admitted to the hospital and begin treatment and chemotherapy immediately. This whole process, from the initial report of symptoms, to the diagnosis of leukemia and initiation of chemotherapy, was managed by my VIP 360 team at just the right time."

- William C.

"This past spring, I felt a small lump in my left breast. I immediately became concerned because I am approaching 60 and a younger sister had breast cancer at an early age. At the time, I had already scheduled my mammogram, and because of dense tissue, I underwent both a 3D Tomography and an ultrasound screening. Even though I was told that the results were normal with minor calcifications, I was unconvinced. Consequently, I took advantage of the around-the-clock care that the VIP 360 program offers, and emailed my physician, Dr. Sandy Ibrahim, asking for a second opinion. She immediately referred me to one of Inova’s world class breast surgeon/oncologist, Dr. Kirsten Edmiston, whom I saw the very next day. During the appointment, an in-office ultrasound was performed. Two days later, I received the news that no one ever wants to hear – I had breast cancer.

With the vigilant care of both Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Edmiston, I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy and I was back on my feet the day after surgery. Since surgery, Dr. Edmiston and Dr. Ibrahim have referred me to other Inova top-notch specialists including oncologist Dr. Mary Wilkinson and genetic counselor-Kimberly Rutledge. I am incredibly blessed to have had such a patient-centric, well-communicated plan in place, with access to exceptional doctors, in such a short period of time. Without a doubt, I credit my quick recovery, peace of mind and excellent prognosis to the VIP 360 program, the professionals involved and the entire Inova network."

- Shari C.