The Time, Attention And Care You Deserve.

Your Inova VIP 360° Concierge Medicine Membership includes the care and services you expect, on your schedule.

Taking the time. To make the most of yours.

Besides ensuring there is enough time at each office visit to address all of your health and wellness concerns, we've built our services to provide better healthcare from every angle. The key components of your membership are ongoing preventive care and enhanced wellness planning through a full range of services including:

  • Annual comprehensive exam and expert preventative care
  • Well woman services
  • 24/7 access via phone or pager
  • Chronic care
  • Acute and subacute care
  • Same day care
  • Detailed review and discussion of medical history
  • Easy access to specialists
  • Personal wellness and nutrition planning, including a comprehensive nutritional and metabolic assessment
  • Consultation with trainers

Customized services you want. For the personalized care you need.

At Inova, and especially through the VIP 360º program, our goal is total patient satisfaction. Our physicians limit their practices to an average of 400 patients, enabling them to provide you their undivided attention, superior preventive medical care and detailed wellness education.

Inova VIP 360° Concierge Medicine has the lowest physician-to-patient ratio of any concierge practice in the Washington area.

Hear about a patient's experience with 24/7 care.

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